Thursday, August 30, 2012

Young Adults|Infinity Girl|Soccer Mom| + Naomi Punk @T.T.'s

This bill is nothing short of astonishing and sure as shit has to be the show of the summer. Three of our favorite locals are schedule to perform, heroic post punks, Young Adults who will play there last show for the foreseeable future due to their impending hiatus. Also present will be the always blisteringly awesome and loud as hell noise pop goliath's, Soccer Mom as well as rising shoegaze outfit and our current listening obsession, Infinity Girl will be on hand with tracks from their excellent debut, Stop Being On My Side. As if it that wasn't enough Naomi Punk, a fuzzed out surf rock trio from Seattle/Olympia round out the bill. Seems criminal that tickets are only $8, but who are we to question such things. Doors are @ 8:30 and AGP favorites kick the evenig off, so get there early.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Introducing:: Loud Springs

I thought I would bust out my old roller skates to mark this special occasion of the permanent and overdue return of The Ash Gray Proclamation from our spring/summer hiatus, oh god that gives us summer camp flashbacks. On a serious note, we've missed you all and appreciate you hanging in there and also for checking in from time to time. I'd like to thank Echoes Myron, Los Gamester, all the bands, and our friends in the Boston music blogging community for continuing to inspiring us. Now let's get back to it. [Ed.]

After posting his last set of songs via 2011's succinct and fully engrossing, Kind Empires it's been an eerily quiet year for lo-fi pop stalwart Dean Wells and The Capstan Shafts. Just when we were beginning to wonder what had become of one of our favorite voices among the American independent music landscape, we receive an unassuming e-mail with no bio, press release, or plea for attention just simply a link for something called Loud Springs. Well we're pleased to tell you that Loud Springs is the new project from Dean Wells. We're not sure what brought about the name change or perhaps the new line up, or even if The Capstan Shafts moniker has been put on the shelf for the foreseeable future. What we do know and we're more than a little excited about this fact, that Loud Springs are not only in the same wheel house as The Capstan Shafts, they could be twin brothers and we intend that with the highest of compliments. Sometime around August 3rd Wells released two EP's under the newly christened Loud Springs, Trinity Blast Suite and Wheels To Ceiling each consists of four tracks of sterling pop songs with hooks a plenty. The track that stuck with us from first listen and seems to grow and grow with each listen is Yes, Fragile, an example of fuzzed out pop perfection. The word is that there's plenty more coming from Loud Springs, so if the songs found on these two releases are any indication, intelligent pop enthusiasts will have plenty to be excited about with more concise engaging and catchy as all hell material on the way from Dean Wells' Loud Springs.

Wheels To Ceiling and Trinity Blast Suite are both available at Loud Springs Bandcamp site. We recommend checking those out and plunking down a few of your hard earned dollars in support. We had a hell of a time deciding on what song to share so we've to decide to share two, Yes, Fragile from Wheels To Ceiling and It Kicked In And We Missed It from the superbly titled Trinity Blast Suite.