Friday, September 21, 2012

New Audio: Paul Westerberg Shares My Road Now

It's in cases like these, that we run to our computer or to the nearest rooftop, to share some unexpected and completely welcome news. Earlier today the venerable Paul Westerberg posted a new track, My Road Now concurrently to his official site and to the I Will Dare fan blog. Westerberg's manager, Darren Hill who explains in Minnesota Star Tribune today, that this is a song Paul felt like sharing, there is no new album or tour coming anytime soon. "It's just a new song he wanted to get out there. No agenda." My Road Now is an off the cuff piano ballad, its immediate, heartbreaking and the first new recording from the rock legend in two years, bask in the glory.

  Paul Westerberg - My Road Now

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Return Of Titus Andronicus

New Jersey's punk titans, Titus Andronicus are set to return with thier third long player, Local Business on October 22nd via XL Recordings and the follow up to our favorite LP of 2010, The Monitor. Local Business was recorded with assistance from Kevin McMahon at New York's Marcata Studios. These new tracks were recorded primarily Live with just a few overdubs in order to capture the bands feroucious live sound. Local Business features violinist Owen Pallet and former Hallelujah The Hills member and past Titus session keyboardist, Elio Deluca.

Yesterday, fronter Patrick Stickles posted the track In A Big City to the bands blog. To our ears it's the perfect alienation anthem, if you're into such things, which of course we are. Check the lyric video for the track below, while your at it head over to the band label and pre-order Local Business on CD or red vinyl from the XL web store.