Thursday, May 25, 2006

The kids and wife have crashed for the night and I just finished watching Jon Pampelbon get his 16th save and the sox get back on track with win over the Devil Rays.

Well Memorial Day Weekend is upon us and like millions of other families the Speakers will hitting the open road, ok extremely overcrowded road. We're heading to New Jersey for a birthday party. My son's are not exactly known for there traveling prowess. The last time we made this type of journey the puke was a flowing! You always feel bad when your child gets sick but when you're changing vomit soaked clothes in the pouring rain on the Mass Pike things can get a little overwhelming. Seriously we're looking forward to some family time. Just don't puke boys!

Enjoy your Memorial Day Weekend and be safe

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

As fan of all things Guided By Voices and Robert Pollard 2006 has been a rewarding year. It started in January with the release of Bob's 1st post-GBV release the fantastic double album From a Compound Eye.

This spring has found Bob releasing not one but three new projects as part of the Fading Captain Series:
The Takeovers-Turn to Red
A collaboration with former GBV Bass player Chris Sluserenko as well as some notable guests like Sam Comes (Quasi) and Dan Peters (Mudhoney)
The Keene Brothers-Blues and Boogie Shoes
A collaboration with Tommy Keene who has been part of Bob's touring band The Ascending Masters as well as a solo artists in his own right.
Psycho and The Birds-All That is Holly
All of these songs were recorded by Bob and then sent to Todd Tobais(GBV producer) who then put the production together.

All Bob all the time....go get some kids!

Some thoughts on a gray day in Boston.
24 was pretty lame last night. Considering it was ending what some have called it's strongest season the season finale just did not live up to the hype.
What does these days?

It wasn't all bad though the Red Sox won over the Yankees in Fenway 9-5. I feel like it needs to be said, I'm not one of those sox fans that has a Yankees suck bumper sticker on my car.
Winning is great but winning over the Yankees is fantastic. Game 2 of 3 commences tonight with Wakefield on the hill against Jaret Wright.

Today is the 1st day of the rest of my blogging life. Sorry I couldn't resist.

It's Tuesday the 23rd of May. Why is this significant you ask?
Today is the release date for The Obliterati from Mission of Burma I've been patiently waiting and today is the day I get my mits on it. You can expect an assemblence of a review in the coming days but for now you can get more inforamtion on the bands site