Monday, June 2, 2014

Yeah, Tonight: An Interview With Jeremy Underwood of Gold-Bears

In the spring of 2011 Atlanta's noise pop titans, Gold-Bears seem to come from nowhere. There superb debut, Are You Falling In Love? was concise and infectious collection of intelligent songwriting buried under a sea of fuzz. ConsultThe AGP Review. Gold-Bears will make there recorded return tomorrow when the esteemed Slumberland Records issues Dalliance the bands bracing and superbly crafted second LP. The band play a stacked bill tonight at the Middlesex Lounge with Soccer Mom, Bent Shapes, and Rye Pines, presented by Eye Design. We recently had the chance to speak to   Gold-Bears fronter, Jeremy Underwood about recording his bands new record, hanging out with Pam Berry, and the influence of the recently disbanded, Boyracer

The Ash Gray Proclamation: On Tuesday you will release your second LP, can you discuss the progression of Gold-Bears, from forming in 2010, to the bands debut Are You Falling In Love? to the new material your recorded for Dalliance?

Jeremy Underwood
: I stopped making music for a few years and found a few friends in Atlanta to help me with some songs I'd stockpiled. We practiced a few times and recorded 2 songs for a 7" that was released by magic marker records. Shortly after that we released a 7" with Cloudberry Records. Mike Slumberland (Micheal Schulman, founder of Slumberland Records) heard those records and I approached him about doing our lp. He agreed. Since then, all of the original members of gold-bears moved from Atlanta, so I asked my friends in Small Reactions to help. We took about a year and a half to record Dalliance and are now on tour in support of the record.
The AGP: The new record features a couple notable guest appearances, can you tell us how the LP's collaborations came about?

Jeremy: In 2012 we played the indie tracks festival in the UK and Pam Berry of Black Tambourine came up to our merch stall so her girls could take a few of our free badges. We started chatting and we played a show the next night in London with her band The Pines. On our way home, I decided to ask her if she'd sing on a song. So she did. I've been a fan of Standard Fare for a while. We played with them in Atlanta and hit it off. I love Emma's (Kupa) voice. When I was writing Yeah, Tonight I thought her voice would be perfect for it so I sent her the song and she wanted to sing on it!I've been friends with Madeline Adams for a while. She is an amazing songwriter and has a beautiful voice. She came by the studio to sing and, surprisingly, our voices blended well together on Hey, Sophie and I hope they're right.

The AGP: Dalliance is reportedly about regret, were you influenced to write a more personal record this time around?

Jeremy: The first record was very personal, but the details were buried or veiled. On this record, I didn't have to cover up any of the lyrics since I divorced the person I was writing about on the first record. The record is about the regret associated with a failed marriage and all the emotions that come with that and the regret of what the divorce may or may not do to my daughter.

The AGP: Your love of The Wedding Present and and the recently defunct, Boyracer is well documented, how have those bands influenced you as a songwriter?

Jeremy: I remember hearing the "B is for Boyracer" Sarah single when I was 18. I loved how they were able to blend noise and pretty pop. Stewart Anderson eventually wound up releasing an EP of my old band and my old band toured with Boyracer in the early 2000's. Stew actually plays drums on one song on the first Gold-Bears 7". Stew has not only been a musical influence for me but has also a big supporter of my music.

Gold-Bears play the Middlesex Lounge tonight as part of a jaw dropping line-up that also features Soccer Mom, Rye Pines, and Bent Shapes for a measly $5.00. Because you made it through Monday and lets face it you deserve this. Consult the FB events page for further details.