Thursday, September 28, 2006


Forgive the classic rock radio title, but what else can describe the month of new releases coming our way in October. I may need to start collecting cans or at least scrap metals to finance my music habit this month.
Here's just a quick look at some my anticipated releases.

The Hold Steady-Boys and Girls in America
The 3rd release from Craig Finn & Co. set to be release on October 3rd. Based on some of the tracks I've heard this could be the bands finest hour.

The Decemberists- The Crane Wife
Another installment of literal rock and songs of ancient mariners.
ok to be honest I have no idea what the songs about because I have yet to hear a note, but it's a safe bet. The Decemberists never disappoint and I expect this to rival last years fantastic Picturesque.

Robert Pollard- Normal Happiness
The 2nd full length of 2006 on Merge not to mention the 3 side project that Bob's released this year. This is far and away my most anticipated release of the fall. With assistance from producer/multi-instrumentalist Todd Tobias Normal Happiness finds Bob charging through a concise yet stellar song cycle that fulfills all expectations. These songs will stick to your brain like rubber cement.
Yes that's a good thing.

Listen hereNormal Happiness Stream

You would expect that would be enough to keep me going, but no.
There also new records coming in October from The Pernice Brothers, The Dears, Portastatic, and Califone. People drive me nuts when they complain of the lack of quality music being released. I have friends that claim that people don't make good records anymore or there's nothing new worth listening to. To that I will respond especially after this onslaught of fall releases, are you out of your fucking mind?
The Mats are back (at least I hope so)

Paul Westerberg and Tommy Stinson appeared togetgher on stage for the 1st time in 15 years at last night's Open Season Premiere in LA. They performed 2 tracks from the Westerberg penned Open Season Soundtrack and one old Replacements classic I.O.U. Hell yeah they did. I hope this Westerberg and Stinson reunion goes further than animated childrens films.

Set List:
Right To Arm Bears
Love You In The Fall

You can get more information on this stroy here:
Paul's Page

Friday, September 22, 2006

3 Thank You's

1st off thanks to Brad for heads up on the Atlanta band Snowden and there Jade Tree debut album Anti-Anti. Check out Brad's blog here:
He's always got some great stuff on there. ok back to Snowden, Anti-Anti is fantastic!

Thank You to David Ortiz for being the only beacon in an otherwise dreadful Red Sox season with last night's two home runs against the twins. He has hit more home runs in a single season than anyone that has ever played for our beloved team. More than Ted, more than Yaz, more than anyone.

Thank you for The Return to Cookie Mountain. When an album has been talked about and written about as much as the second full length from TV on the Radio it's bound to disapoint right? Wrong, with this record TVOTR prove that sometimes buzz or hype is actually worth the paper it's printed on and then some. The Return to Cookie Mountain could easily be the best album of 2006. Don't take me word for it listen for yourself. One spin and you'll be a believer.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Apple Picking and the Bathroom Emergency (album title)

I've wrestled with the idea of posting this inside my head for the past day or so.
So here we go. Yesterday I wake up to find the sun shining on what appears to be a beautiful day and the wife says lets take the boys apple picking. Sure sounds good to me. So we head out around 11 and get to C.N. Smith's Farm located about 30 miles from our home about an hour later. Now wait it takes an hour to drive 30 miles? No I got lost I'm sure Mrs. Speakers would be happy to tell you all about it on
her blog:www. Imarriedanidiot/

The idea of picking your own apples does not sound terribly exciting but my boys get a kick out of it and to see them running around grabbing, twisting, and devouring apples is worth the price of admission.

Now comes the drama. We decided to stop for some lunch and we manage to eat up without too many "would you please eat" or "stop screaming please". However pretty much the second after we pull out of the parking lot towards home it hits me like a knife in the gut I have to go and we're not talking about the kind I do standing up.
I realize there is no way I'll make it all the way home. I look over at my wife as she is behind the wheel and tell her we need to stop and explain the issue. She promply responds, Ok how about this coffee shop? No! The pain is getting bad I'm having images of the bathroom scene in Trainspotting and then suddenly there is an old gas station and I yell pull over. Before we even park I'm out and I ask the attendant if they have a bathroom. He directs me to one of the dirtiest bathrooms I've ever been in. At this point I could care less but I notice there's no doornob on the door nevermind a lock. Just my luck. There's nothing I can do this is an emergency. Once I've taken care of the expulsion I notice that this bathroom has no toilet paper, oh shit this is not happening. I look over at the paper towel dispenser it's completely empty. It's like that split second that your car door is about to shut with the locks down and the keys inside. I look down at my feet and what do I see but a pair of nice white socks on my feet. Socks it is. I'm already laughing by the time I exit the bathroom and climb back into the car with my waiting family. I expected my wife to notice but she didn't. I have a huge smile on my face for some demented reason I have to tell her. Within seconds she's laughing and telling the boys, everyone has a good laugh at my expense. Just then I feel something in my shorts pocket. I reach in and pull out about 5 or 6 tissues that I had put in there hours earlier for runny noses.

The moral of this story: Always check your pockets before you wipe your butt with your socks.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Band of Horses Live at The Paradise
Friday September 8th

For one of the most blogged about and critically acclaimed bands of the year Band of Horses first show in Boston was greeted with great expectation.

Ben Birdwell is now the only original member after the recent departure of Mat Brooke. So after associating those two men as the creative force that turned out the stunning debut album Everything All The Time. I was wondering if the performance would suffer at all from the line-up change and those high expectations.

The band hit The Paradise stage at 11:30 to clapping hands of a sold out crowd. As the other members took there positions on stage Birdwell took his seat in front of his lap Steel rig and with a quick greeting he took the band into Monsters. This is a building track on the album but Live it's epic. The set drew almost entirely from the debut album with three new tracks as well as few well chosen covers. The one issue that band had was soundman related during the first 3 or 4 songs the vocals would often get buried in the mix or the vocals were just too loud. However this never distracted from the bands grasp on the audience. In fact about midset the band really settled into a nice groove and unveiled some solid new tracks as well as an off kilter bluesy cover of ELO's Showdown and some of Everything's best tracks like Our Swords witch just paired down the band to Birdwell on Bass and drummer Creighton Barrett as well as their indie hit The Funeral.

For a band that only has 36 minutes of recorded output Band of Horses not only lived up to the buzz they surpassed it with a memorable mix of new tracks,covers, and material from there debut album. I don't think I've read a review of this band where My Morning Jacket and The Shins don't get mentioned. I won't deny the similarities to both those bands but with there set at The Paradise Friday night Band of Horses proved that they're a breed all there own.

Friday, September 8, 2006

Random Rules

Touch & Go Records celebrates 25 years this weekend in Chicago with line up that will make you shit! Seriously it will. 1 word Shellac 2 more Big Black!

Well I can't be there and stay married so I'll be relying on fellow blogger
Bradley for his reports from the event.

on a more local front Seattle's Band of Horses perform at The Paradise tonight in support of there stunning debut album Everything All The Time. I for one will be front, center and accounted for. I'll post a review to this here blog sometime over the weekend.