Friday, March 28, 2008

Studio Activity Vol.1
I am happy to report that Doves have been back in the studio recording. The latest recording session has yielded 5 new songs that could show up on there in progress 4th album. A working title that I hope they stick with is Kingdom of Rust and Jetstream. Like many Doves fans you may be wondering what's taking so long. Andy Williams has become a new dad and must be enjoying fatherhood. Congratulations.

Mercury Rev have been absent far too long in my opinion. I know it's only been 3 years since they released The Secret Migration but it feels like 5. There seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel. It was recently reported on the bands official site that they've been working on a new record somewhere in the Catskills all winter long. A late 2008 release date is on target. The band will play The End of the Road Festival in the UK on September 12th, 13th, and 14th.

You didn't think I'd miss the chance to give a Robert Pollard update did you? On June 3rd Robert Pollard will release his next album Off To Business on his new Guided By Voices Inc. Label. However the 1st release from GBV Inc. will be the Weartherman and Skin Goddess EP, a web only EP that will be a limited to 1000 CD's/500 12" LP's.

The Weatherman and Skin Goddess EP
1.Weatherman and Skin Goddess
2.Kiss The Quiet Man
3.Coat Factory Zero

Release Date 4/15/08
Order information can be obtained at Rockathon

Friday, March 21, 2008


Mark your calendars with red pen because the 6th album from The Silver Jews Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea will be released June 17 on Drag City. As we anxiously await that day Mr. Berman & Co. have recently confirmed some dates in the UK including a set at the always stellar All Tomorrow's Parties May 16th-18th. US dates are expected to be announced as the release date of the new album gets closer.

Things in The Pernice Brothers camp are gearing up as there seems to be some recording activities that I'll have to assume at this point will be the next Pernice Brothers album. In the meantime, Joe is still holed up in the NorthMidwest Territories somewhere, working on the great Canadian novel. He'll be making the trek down south to the resort town (in 1649) of Dorchester , Massachusetts to do what will probably by the first public reading of the new material. On May 29, he will appear with the most gifted writers whose personal emails we have, at a benefit for a local halfway house for alcoholics and drug addicts. Michael Patrick MacDonald, George Pelecanos and Tom Perotta will also appear, and it will be hosted by our pal Neal Huff, whose recent turn as Michael Steintorf on The Wire has made it difficult for me to believe his self-serving lies ever again. But I think he's telling me the truth when he says he'll be there, despite the fact that there's no quid pro quo. Anyway, if you have any interest in attending, follow the link below. Tickets are a little steep - $50 - but it's for a very good cause. Thanks to Joyce and charlie at Ashmont Records for providing us with this much needed update. For further details on the Raise The Roof Benefit check out

Lastly I feel obligated to remind you that XMU will begin the SXSW recast of sets they recorded last week in Austin, TX. Listen to XMU today & tomorrow beginning at 9am West, Noon East, as we present the PASTE MAGAZINE AND STEREOGUM - DEL LOUNGE SHOWCASE RECAST. Check out XMUNation for full details.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day
The (reunited) Pogues are in town this week for two shows at The Orpheum. So if you're lucky enough to be holding an extra ticket... I beg you..take me! I dropped the ball big time and never grabbed tickets. Alright I'll except my fate of a Pogue-less week and stop the begging. I am working on hooking up an mp3 hosting service shortly, so I can share some audio content here. Until then here's a gem from If I Should Fall From Grace With God and perfect tune for St. Paddy's Day.

Thousands Are Sailing

The island it is silent now
But the ghosts still haunt the waves
And the torch lights up a famished man
Who fortune could not save
Did you work upon the railroad
Did you rid the streets of crime
Were your dollars from the white house
Were they from the five and dime
Did the old songs taunt or cheer you
And did they still make you cry
Did you count the months and years

Or did your teardrops quickly dry
Ah, no, says he, 'twas not to be
On a coffin ship I came here
And I never even got so far
That they could change my name
Thousands are sailing
Across the western ocean
To a land of opportunity
That some of them will never see
Fortune prevailing
Across the western ocean
Their bellies full
Their spirits free
They'll break the chains of poverty
And they'll dance
In Manhattan's desert twilight
In the death of afternoon
We stepped hand in hand on Broadway
Like the first man on the moon
And "The Blackbird" broke the silence
As you whistled it so sweet
And in Brendan Behan's footsteps
I danced up and down the street
Then we said goodnight to Broadway
Giving it our best regards
Tipped our hats to Mister Cohen
Dear old Times Square's favorite bard
Then we raised a glass to JFK
And a dozen more besides
When I got back to my empty room
I suppose I must have cried
Thousands are sailing
Again across the ocean
Where the hand of opportunity
Draws tickets in a lottery
Postcards we're mailing
Of sky-blue skies and oceans
From rooms the daylight never sees
Where lights don't glow on Christmas trees
But we dance to the music
And we dance
Thousands are sailing
Across the western ocean
Where the hand of opportunity
Draws tickets in a lottery
Where e'er we go, we celebrate
The land that makes us refugees
From fear of Priests with empty plates
From guilt and weeping effigies
And we dance

Friday, March 14, 2008

Being There
Are you at work wishing you could have made 2008 the year you made it to SXSW? I feel your pain. Sure there's been great performances that we've missed and many more scheduled throughout the rest of the week. Do I have a point you ask? Well yes my point is that all is not lost as long you have access to XM Satellite radio. I get a few channels via my satellite TV provider and heard this mentioned yesterday and thought I'd share. You can listen to XMU Friday & Saturday, March 21st, & 22nd beginning at 9am West, Noon East,as they present the XMU PASTE MAGAZINE SHOWCASE RECAST. They've been good enough to record sets this week play them for us. The recast will include sets from, but not limited to Nada Surf, Destroyer, and Blitzen Trapper. It's the best thing I could find short of being there. SXSW in 2009? Perhaps.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A few minutes of free time has led me back to another post. My work schedule does not always permit a lot of time for this blog. So I'll take advantage while I can.

Robert Pollard's March Madness has absolutely nothing to do with the NCAA basketball tournament. Pollard's March Madness is a sale of Pollard collectibles that started this morning and last through the end of March. The photo above, For All The Good Kids is just a sample of the rare items up for grabs. ALL proceeds will go directly to the Miami Valley Housing Opportunities P.A.T.H. Program. PATH (Projects for Assistance in Transition from Homelessness) is an outreach program in Montgomery County, Ohio, in which staff members seek out persons with mental illnesses who are experiencing homelessness and help them take the steps to get off the streets and into permanent housing. PATH builds relationships with those in homelessness by supplying basic items such as food, clothing and other essential items. PATH encourages participants to seek services that will make positive impacts in their lives. PATH makes referrals to local health care agencies, human services, and other social service agencies. The ultimate goal is to guide PATH participants from homelessness to permanent housing. This is a great way to contribute to an excellent cause and grab some cool Pollard merchandise. All the deatails and a list of items can be accessed on

Okkervil River
guitarist Brian Cassidy will play his last show with band tonight when they play backing band to Rocky Erickson at the Austin Music Awards. Cassidy and his wife our expecting there first child and has decided to stop touring the free world in favor of being a Dad. Replacing Brian for this spring and summer dates is none other than The Wrens' Charles Bissell. Unfortunately there is no New England date scheduled. Great news for those of you holding tickets for the upcoming shows with New Pornogrpahers, but not so good for the rest of us waiting for the next Wrens album. I know, I know everything in due time.

My head has been hi-jacked by the excellent Gutter Twins-Saturnalia album. For the unfamiliar The Gutter Twins are Greg Dulli and Mark Lanegan. Saturnalia is a a head full of dark broding rock. The album sounds like a full collaboration and not 6 Dulli and 6 Lanegan tracks. I have a feeling we'll see this on a lot of lists come December. The Gutter Twins play the Paradise on March 18th.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Super Furry Animals
with Times New Viking
Paradise Rock Club 2/23/08

I don't get out to see Live music nearly as much as I'd like. So when the planets align and a baby sitter is available I jump at the opportunity to catch a Live show. Mrs. Speakers and I hit The Paradise a little over a week ago to catch Super Furry Animals with Times New Viking. As the house lights went down SFA hit the stage decked out in there cowboy garb, think The Flying Burrito Brothers without all the sparkles. From the opening of Slow Life to the final chords of Keep The Cosmic Trigger Happy they fired through an excellent set brimming with would be and should be hits. The band let there fans vote for the songs they wanted to hear during this brief US Tour. This proved to be a great idea because this set list was flawless.

Slow Life (with helmet)
Rings Around the World
The Gateway Song
Do or Die
Golden Retriever
Uuuurth (with audience participation)
The Gift that keeps on Giving
Neo Consumer
Fire in My Heart
Receptacle for the Respectable (with real carrot munching and spewing)
Uuuurth 2 (with audience participation)
Juxtaposed With You
Into the Night
Baby Ate My Eightball
Hello Sunshine
Man Don’t Give a Fuck (with helmet)
Uuuurth 3 (with audience participation)
Keep the Cosmic Trigger Happy
Set list courtesy of Scott

Times New Viking delivered a ramshackle but excellent set showcasing songs from there Matador Records debut Rip it Off. The Ohio 3 piece has gotten heaps of praise from the indie press and after bearing witness to there Live show, I have to say the hype is right on.

Photo's courtesy of Mrs. Speakers