Thursday, May 25, 2006

The kids and wife have crashed for the night and I just finished watching Jon Pampelbon get his 16th save and the sox get back on track with win over the Devil Rays.

Well Memorial Day Weekend is upon us and like millions of other families the Speakers will hitting the open road, ok extremely overcrowded road. We're heading to New Jersey for a birthday party. My son's are not exactly known for there traveling prowess. The last time we made this type of journey the puke was a flowing! You always feel bad when your child gets sick but when you're changing vomit soaked clothes in the pouring rain on the Mass Pike things can get a little overwhelming. Seriously we're looking forward to some family time. Just don't puke boys!

Enjoy your Memorial Day Weekend and be safe

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March to the Sea said...

how were the barf brothers? readers want to know?