Friday, September 22, 2006

3 Thank You's

1st off thanks to Brad for heads up on the Atlanta band Snowden and there Jade Tree debut album Anti-Anti. Check out Brad's blog here:
He's always got some great stuff on there. ok back to Snowden, Anti-Anti is fantastic!

Thank You to David Ortiz for being the only beacon in an otherwise dreadful Red Sox season with last night's two home runs against the twins. He has hit more home runs in a single season than anyone that has ever played for our beloved team. More than Ted, more than Yaz, more than anyone.

Thank you for The Return to Cookie Mountain. When an album has been talked about and written about as much as the second full length from TV on the Radio it's bound to disapoint right? Wrong, with this record TVOTR prove that sometimes buzz or hype is actually worth the paper it's printed on and then some. The Return to Cookie Mountain could easily be the best album of 2006. Don't take me word for it listen for yourself. One spin and you'll be a believer.

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