Friday, June 29, 2007

The Criminally Out of Print

Why are there so many quality recordings out of print?

I owned them once either on vinyl, cassette, or even CD's that I have since misplaced. Filling these holes in my music collection have proven to be more than difficult.

Sure I guess I could scour the used CD sites, but there's something exciting about walking into record store and finding somehting you haven't been able to find in years. Unfortunately those moments are few and far between.

Anyone reading this could surely come up with 5 records they need but can't find.

Here's mine:
The Neighborhoods The High Hard One
Gang Green - Any of the ep's, earlysingles, or full lengths (I'd even settle for a Best of)
The Connells - Fun and Games & Boylan Heights
Volcano Suns- Career In Rock
The Outlets- Whole New World

So now you know two things about me I'm in my late 30's and I like my late 80's Boston rock.

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