Friday, September 14, 2007

Indie Snobs and Strawberry Jam
This might be the newness talking but Animal Collective have released a stunning new record with Strawberry Jam. If you respect or just enjoy bands for being inventive,experimental and always pushing themselves to their creative limits look no further, you've just found your new favorite record.
Have I gone overboard with my praise? Nope not even close.

Band of Horses have become the target of the indie set for liscensing two songs from their soon to be released Cease to Begin. Altough the album doesn't drop til October 9th you can hear 2 tracks via Ford Motor Company's new commercial as well as Wal-Marts web-site. This has led the bands fans and detractors to scream sell-out.
Did it bother you when Wilco liscensed what seems like evey track of Sky Blue Sky to Volswagon? Me either.

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