Friday, May 23, 2008

Micro-News (Pre-Memorial Day)

As you pack the car and prepare to head out on your long weekend.
Here's a compact edition of Micro-News. That is more compact that normal. Don't forget the sunscreen.

The Pernice Brothers are doing there part in supporting Manny Ramirez' quest for 500 hits .He is currently at 498, and in celebration of his approach to the milestone of they're we’re resurrecting Joe’s beat-heavy (for the Pernice Brothers) “Moonshot Manny” and offering said download for free. Just go to and click on the picture of Manny. It there for free until he hits number 500.

Tonight Swervedriver kick off the 1st date of there reunion tour in Omaha. Did I really just type that? The recently reformed Swervedriver will hit the Paradise on June 10th where you'll find yours truly front and center.

I'd like to wish the AGP readers a happy Memorial Day Weekend.
Be Safe people.


March to the Sea said...

you won't be at that show..why lie to your readers??! ahhahah I am a jerk.

Evil Speakers said...

thats the only show I'll be at this summer.