Friday, August 8, 2008

Pre-Show Hyping

Here at The AGP , we're down right giddy at the thought of next weeks Radiohead and Wilco shows respectively. So we have a busy week ahead as not one but two of music most important artists bring there Live shows to our commonwealth.

Jeff Tweedy
and co. have been busy this summer playing festivals and singing Take Me Out To The Ballgame at Wriggly Field. However next Tuesday Wilco return to the Boston area for a show at Tanglewood. To be fair The Berkshires aren't exactly close to Boston, but us Wilco fans will take what we get and everyone loves a summer road trip.

Here's Wilco from last weekends Lollapolooza (08)
Pot Kettle Black

From the moment Radiohead unveiled In Rainbows and there pay what you want pricing US fans have been clamoring for the chance to catch this band Live on US soil. Next Wednesday evening we will finally get our chance to witness Radiohead Live at The Comcast Center in Mansfield. This band never disappoints, I mean never, ever, no way. So if your lucky enough to be holding the much coveted ticket of the summer, enjoy.

Radiohead-Scotch Mist (in it's entirety, all 52 beautiful minutes)

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March to the Sea said...

are you going to either? I got offered a section 9 ticket to 'head..but passed.