Thursday, August 21, 2008

Newly Released = The Walkmen- You & Me

This new Walkmen album is damn good. Not that 100 Miles Off isn't a decent record in it's own right. It just seems like there's something special happening here. You & Me is a more focused and confident collection of songs with all the drama and sense of adventure intact. I hate to go over the top on you, but this album might just prove to be The Walkmen's finest hour. Sure It could be the newness talking but I don't think that's it, I really don't. I'll keep spinning You & Me and try not issue anymore claims of greatness, while the rest of you head to the record store or digital shop and pick this one up.
The Walkmen will play downstairs at The Middle East on September 18th.

The Walkmen- In The New Year


March to the Sea said...

the last one was ehhh. this is on my radar though.

Evil Speakers said...

the last one was a grower imo. However this new record is fantastic right from the 1st listen.
Aces T Aces!