Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Brown Submarine Day
An AGP Recommendation
If you've spent anytime visiting this site since it was created you already know of our appreciation of the music of Robert Pollard. If this is your first visit welcome and consider yourself warned. Today is the day Robert Pollard fans have been waiting for all summer. Brown Submarine the debut release from Pollard's new band Boston Spaceships hit stores today and I for one can say that it's living up to all my expectations. Pollard, Moen, and Slusarenko have turned in a superb and fun batch of pop, punk, and prog that is sure to be on many year end list, including ours. I'll resist the temptation to launch into a full on review at this point and just leave at this. We love Brown Submarine.

Brown Submarine
is out now on Guided By Voices, Inc
Now go get it!

Boston Spaceships play The Paradise on 9/30

Here's the winner of the Boston Spaceships Fan Video Contest. Congratulations to The Man Sherm.

Winton's Atomic Bird

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