Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Archers of Loaf
White Trash Heroes

It doesn't happen often but every now and then I put the new releases aside and go back into the music collection and find something that's been collecting dust for a few years. This exercise can sometimes prove risky as some albums don't always age as well I expect them to. However in the case of White Trash Heroes the swan song from Archers of Loaf I find the opposite to be true. Can it be that this record is better than I remember it? Normally when I have the urge for some Archers I usually go with Icky Metal or my personal favorite Vee Vee but White Trash Heroes deserves some love too.
By the time this album was released the band had shed some of the chaos of there early records in favor of a more complex and refined sound. Released on Alias in 1998 this album found the N.C. darlings going out at the top of there game. It also gave a hint of what we could expect next from Eric Bachman and his post Archers of Loaf career.

For fans of Archers of Loaf, Barry Black, and Crooked Fingers.

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Scott said...


Speaking of old stuff- check out this

Were you a this show at the Beachcomber?

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Evil Speakers said...

Yes I was!
What a great day of music that was.