Monday, October 6, 2008

Boston Spaceships with Big Dipper
Tuesday September 30, 2008
The Paradise Boston, MA

All the good kids(and old men) came out for the return of Robert Pollard to Boston. After a two and a half year hiatus from touring Robert Pollard hit The Paradise stage fronting his new project Boston Spaceships for a nearly three hour set. First off this band might just be the finest Pollard has assembled to date. With Chris Slusarenko and John Moen as well Jason Narducy and power pop luminary Tommy Keene filling out the touring line-up Boston Spaceships ran through a tight and excellent set which focused on material from there debut Brown Submarine, Pollard's latest solo release Off To Business as well as few tracks off the Guided By Voices rarities box sets Suitcase & Suitcase 2 respectively. Tracks like Dorothy's a Planet and Headache Revolution take on new life when given the full band treatment. As per the norm Pollard had plenty to share in between songs including the reason for tapping our city for the name of his latest project. "I always wanted to be in a Boston band.... but I never wanted to be in the band Boston".

It's amazing to me that the bulk of the main set was culled from the material that Pollard has released in the last 12 months. Prior to the launching of this tour Pollard had mentioned that there would not be the usual onslaught of GBV hits, however there had been some rumors that he may pull out some surprises for the encores,but I didn't want to get my hopes up. That is until they ended the first encore with Game of Pricks. I have to admit my usual subdude concert demenor was out the window and my fist was in the air. After the band left the stage the lights went up and the house music came on so I assumed that I would be heading home exhilarated from a great Live show, but before I knew it they were back on stage and launching A Salty Salute and followed that a handful of classics. I won't bore you with more song titles but think Bee Thousand and Alien Lanes era GBV.
Robert Pollard has released two superb records in the last few months and this tour finds him in great vocal shape. Get out and see this band in your town, that is if you like to get your rock on.

I was bummed out when I missed the chance to see the Big Dipper reunion shows a few months back so I was especially excited when I found out that Robert Pollard had tapped them to open the Boston show. Due to some parking issues I ended missing the bands first two songs but what I did get to see was impressive. From Faith Healer to Ron Klause Wrecked his House Big Dipper proved be to worth the 20 years I've endured waiting for there return.

Thanks to Tim Bugbee for the use of the band shots.
Check out Tinnitus-Photography to see more of Tim's photos.


March to the Sea said...

3+ hrs? What was it 240 songs long?! Crazy man. Sorry about the parking issues..the parking lot behind the dice is your friend.

Tim does great work on those images..

Evil Speakers said...

yeah it was pretty great!
I took a few shots but they pale in comparison.

Thanks for the read.