Thursday, December 11, 2008

I've been home sick for the last two days and I've seen as muchLaw & Order as one man can take. So I thought I'd type. I really need to get focused on our year end list, but for now I'll share some news. I for one will be looking forward to two releases from Robert Pollard in early 2009.

The Crawling Distance will drop on January 20th. The album consists of 10 tracks, most of which clock in at between 3 and 4 minutes. All instruments and production were provided by Todd Tobias with Bob providing vocals. The Crawling Distance is the follow up to the 2008 solo offering Off to Business.

Robert Pollard - Imaginary Queen Anne mp3

On February 17th Boston Spaceships will release The Planets Are Blasted. Five months after releasing there sparkling debut, Boston Spaceships are set to return with another set of Pollard classics.

On December 30th Boston Spaceships will release the first single from there sophomore album. The Headache Revolution 7" single features 3 non album tracks. This release is limited to 500 copies and are only available at Rockathon.

Headache Revolution B- Sides
1) Demntia Is Rising
2) Take That Off (And Put This On)
3) 7 Is The Hot Noose

Both albums will be released via Guided By Voices, Inc.
Pre-order information for The Crawling Distance and the Headache Revolution 7" can be obtained at rockathon records

"Pollard is sort of the Grateful Dead equivalent for people who like Miller Lite instead of acid." - The Washington Post

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