Friday, January 2, 2009

News from Northridge
Six releases in 12 months, maybe more

It's fitting that our first post of the new year is an update on not only our favorite artist but the namesake of this blog, Robert Pollard.
We also have some audio to share, a sneak preview of two tracks from the upcoming releases.

According to our friends at Magnet Magazine Pollard has six albums in the can and set for release this year. Things will get started later this month with the release of his new solo album and coming in May we will be treated to Cosmos Jar of Jam Ton of Bricks a postal collaboration with Richard Davies (Cardinal & Moles). As per the norm with these collaborations Pollard provides lyrics and melodies over the Davies supplied instrumentation. We can also expect hear Davies providing vocals on four of the albums tracks. Let's just say were awful excited to hear these, but were especially giddy about the soon to be released 2nd album from Boston Spaceships The Planets Are Blasted.

6 Robert Pollard Releases for 2009 (so far)
January 20th Robert Pollard The Crawling Distance
February 17th Boston Spaceships The Planets Are Blasted
April Circus Devils Gringo
May Cosmos Jar Of Jam Ton Of Bricks
June Robert Pollard Elephant Jokes
September Boston Spaceships Zero To 99
All releases will come via Pollard's Guided By Voices, Inc.

Check out these sneak previews from Boston Spaceships & Circus Devils!

“Canned Food Demons” from Boston Spaceships’ The Planets Are Blasted:

“Every Moment Flame On” from Circus Devils’ Gringo:

Thanks to Nina Sabatino for the use of her Live shot of Boston Spaceships.

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christopher lars carlson said...

Hi! Is there any way of getting in touch with you? Just wanted to invite you to a local gig this Friday, Feb 27th at King's Lounge 50 Dalton St, Boston MA 02215

It starts at 9:30pm and there's no cover.

I'm writing this because I think the music that's going to be on display is GREAT. Performing will be Liz Longley and Tom Howie.

If you decide to attend, I'll be playing bass for Tom. Be sure to say hey! Cheers. - Chris