Friday, January 16, 2009

Show Alerts for MLK Weekend

This weekend is choc full of quality Live shows. Sure the tempertures are in the negative, you could read that book by the fire or you can get out and catch some great bands playing your town this Martin Luther King Weekend.

Tonight finds The Paradise hosting three of Boston's finest, Faces on Film, AGP favorites Hallelujah The Hills and Aaron Perino's Dear Leader.

Saturday brings North Carolina's The Rosebuds to The Middle East, downstairs with support from The Love Language and Boston's popsters Fatal Flaw.

This Sunday marks The return of Selkirk Scotland's Frightened Rabbit to Boston. The band has continued to recieve critical acclaim for there sophomore album The Midnight Organ Fight, deservedly so. You may have noticed that they've been named in just about every year end list worth a damn. Frightened Rabbit play Great Scott with David Karsten Daniels and Pants Yell!. The Show is sold-out so if you're lucky enough to hold a ticket enjoy.

Frightened Rabbit - Heads Roll Off Live on

Finally on Monday the weekend will be put to rest with a band who has me reliving my Hardcore days as of late with there excellent The Chemistry of Common Life. Toronto's Fucked Up play The Middle East Upstairs with Clouds and Viva Viva

The book and your DVR will still be there on Tuesday I promise.

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