Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Circus Devils Go Acoustic!

While The Crawling Distance andThe Planets Are Blasted continue to receive regular spins in the AGP offices I'm getting geared up for Bob's next release. On April 14th Robert Pollard will release his 3rd full length of this young year and 7th with experimental outfit Circus Devils via his Happy Jack Rock Records imprint. Gringo will once again feature the Tobias Brothers,(Todd and Tim respectively) taking on the instrumentation and production duties. Gringo is being billed as a kinder gentler Circus Devils, complete with acoustic guitars, while still containing there off kilter experimentalism. Based on the tracks that I've heard Gringo is proving to be this springs most highly anticipated release.

Before it Walks - Circus Devils

Every Moment Flame On - Circus Devils

Pre-order Gringo from Rockathon
Circus Devils Official Site

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