Friday, August 7, 2009

From Pollard's Suitcase to Bay of Pigs

I've been trying to find the time write all week but every time I was about to start, something would pull me away. Thankfully I've found some time albeit at the end of the week to share some news, opinion and MP3's.

I'd be remiss if I didn't start with the news of the forthcoming release of Guided By Voices' third volume of their Suitcase series, the treasure trove of demos and outtakes that Robert Pollard keeps in, well a suitcase. Suitcase 3 Up We Go Now will be released on November 3 via Guided By Voices, Inc. I am particularly looking forward to Disc 4 which features the classic GBV line-up of Pollard, Greg Demos, and Tobin Sprout with all songs being credited to Dayton's favorite sons between 1994-1995. To be fair this information was posted over at Pitchfork yesterday. What they didn't tell you that Suitcase 3 credits Pollard best band name to date: History of Well Hung Men for an early version of Smothered in Hugs. 100 Songs over 4 discs, sign me up.

Make plans to celebrate with Drug Rug and Mean Creek this Saturday night at The Middle East. Although Paint the Fence Invisible (Black and Green Records), the new release from Cambridge's own, Drug Rug was released last week and the forthcoming release from Boston's Mean Creek, The Sky(and The Underground) (Old Flame Records) won't be officially released until October 13th the dual release party is set for tomorrow night. A special evening awaits you from two of our cities finest and like minded bands.
A hootenanny, if you will.

[MP3/Stream] Drug Rug - Never Tell
[MP3/Stream] Mean Creek - The Sky (or The Underground)

The announcement of a new Radiohead song caught me off guard this week. Just in case you were trapped under something heavy or traveling in another hemisphere, Radiohead have posted Harry Patch (In memory of) to their Waste UK store for a small fee with all proceeds going to the British Royal Legion. The song is tribute to the last British survivor from World War I, he died last month at the age of 111. You can listen to the track below via the BBC, but please go to the Radiohead site and pay for the download. It's a somber and beautiful track in my humble opinion.

[MP3/Stream] Radiohead - Harry Patch (In Memory of)

I just heard the title track from Destroyer's Bay of Pigs EP and my head is spinning. This is a good thing. When I first heard Dan Bejar was experimenting with ambient disco I was, well I was plain scared. Those fears were misguided because I just heard over 13 stunning minutes of electro pop and one of Bejars' finest lyrical compositions. Please don't take my word for it listen for yourself. Thanks to the good kids at Sterogum for posting this. The Bay of Pigs vinyl EP will be released on August 18th. The EP is limited to 1000 copies, and it comes with a digital download code. Check out Merge for more details and ordering information.

[MP3/Stream] Destroyer - Bay of Pigs

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