Friday, September 25, 2009

Colonial Drones

On Tuesday Boston's own, Hallelujah The Hills released their second album, Colonial Drones via Misra Records. Recorded sometime between the summer of 2008 and this past January at The Soul Shop in Medford. What the band hinted at on 2007's Collective Psychosis Begone is fully realized on Colonial Drones. The band has taken a big step froward by delivering a sharp and infectious pop record, anchored by Ryan Walsh's ability to balance his dark lyrics with moments of melancholy, sing-alongs, and guitar crunch throughout the album. My only problem with the album is that I can't seem to shut up about it, not much of problem really. Do yourself a favor buy Colonial Drones today, highly recommended.

Make plans to join Hallelujah The Hills as they celebrate the release of their new album Saturday night at Great Scott with You Can Be a Wesley, and The Big Big Bucks.

Check out two tracks from Colonial Drones:
[MP3/Stream] Hallelujah The Hills - Blank Passports
[MP3/Stream] Hallelujah The Hills - Classic Tapes
(featuring Cassie Berman of The Silver Jews)

Buy the album at the Misra store

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