Thursday, September 10, 2009

LC! vs. The Beatles

Los Campesinos! made their best attempt to upstage the fab four's release of their remastered catalog and video game, with an excellent new track from the yet to be titled new album, expected to be released sometime in 2010. The album was recorded in Stamford, Connecticut with John Goodmanson and has been described by the band as the dark second album, due to the fact the band doesn't count the limited released We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed as an official album. Gareth Campesinos commented via the bands twitter account: "I kind of feel like we've upstaged 'Beatles Day' putting out this new song today. Sorry Paul. [...] At least I didn't get 'Los Camp! Frogger' sorted in time. Would have really stolen the show then."

The Welsh collective have posted The Sea is a Good Place To Think About The Future for free download at their official blog and website. As far the song itself it's a beautiful slow building track complete with strings, but before you get all misty eyed, the band brings it to a chaotic and devastating end. A high recommendation to say the least.

[MP3] Los Campesinos! - The Sea is a Good Place To Think About The Future

The video produced by Ellen Campesinos.

You can also enter to win The Record Box Project at the bands site. It's essentially a box filled with a ton of cool 7" the band picked on their recent tour of America. Visit for entry info and to see the massive list of music that the band's forking over.

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