Thursday, October 29, 2009

Setting the Paces
Boat returns with new album and tour

Seattle's Boat are back with their third full length, Setting The Paces. The new album was released this week via Magic Marker and is available on CD and orange vinyl. Setting The Paces finds Boat delivering their best work to date on an album full of messy indie pop and smart ass lyrics. When I first heard Setting The Paces I was immediately transcended back to the early 90's when bands like Pavement, Archers of Loaf, and Built To Spill were ruling supreme, in my world anyway. Comparisons to such 90's indie touch stones are inevitable, but where Boat sets itself apart from those influences is their gift for churning out songs with irresistible pop hooks and lots of them, buckets full in fact.

Boat are setting out on a short east coast tour in support of the excellent Setting The Paces and will play PA's Lounge on November 11th.

[MP3/Steam] Boat - Lately
[MP3/Stream] Boat - We've Been Friends Since 1989
[MP3/Stream] Boat - Prince of Tacoma

Buy the album from Magic Marker Records/CCNow

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