Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Licking Stamps and Drinking Shitty Coffee

With the his recent releases with Boston Spaceships and a solo album in Elephant Jokes that might just be one of the mans finest. Some might say Robert Pollard is on a run and I would have to agree. So while we wait for the next Spaceships album to drop sometime in the new year, you will find comfort in this Live document from Boston Spaceships' one and only tour.

Licking Stamps and Drinking Shitty Coffee is the just released double live album limited to 500 copies and issued on colored vinyl & CDR. One LP is orange, the other is one is black. The album was recorded in Atlanta on October 17, 2008 and based on the mp3 I just heard, it's a keeper.

Boston Spaceships - Dorothy's A Planet (Live)

Track Listing:
Hard Running Rabbit
Winston's Atomic Bird
You Satisfy Me
Headache Revolution
Still In Rome
The Original Heart
Love Theory
Brown Submarine
Two Girl Area
Rat Trap
Catherine From Mid-October
Little Green Onion Man
Confessions Of A Teenage Jerkoff
Andy Playboy
North 11 A,M.
Soggy Beavers
Dorothy's A Planet
Ate It Twice
Blue Gil
Ready To Pop
Go For The Exit
Wealth And Hell Being
Crutch Came Slinking
Sensational Gravity Boy
Heavy Crown

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Anonymous said...

just received my disc's today - listening now. Noticed you were at Sloan last week and listed the Figg's at TTs on the 18th (just got tix yesterday). Though I have about 15 years on you, seems we have similar tastes - Perhaps I'll bump into you at the Figgs show.

stewrat from stow