Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Catching up: The Sea Navy - Memory Matches

Every once in a while an old band from our past creeps up with a solid new offering, takes us by surprise, and reminds us why we became fans in the 1st place. The Sea Navy's new album Memory Matches certainly qualifies as such a release. The Sea Navy is fronted by Jay Cox, former Bostonian and member of the gone but not forgotten, Ivory Coast. From 1998 to 2003 The Ivory Coast were responsible for some of Boston's finest homespun tunes. The band released two fine records during their time together, 2000's The Rush of Oncoming Traffic (Big Wheel Recreation) and 2001's Clouds (Polyvinyl). Sadly The Ivory Coast called it a day in 2003.

Since then Cox has been writing and recording with The Sea Navy in Seattle. The current line up is rounded out by bassist Stuart Fletcher and Drummer Jordan Cummings. Memory Matches is the bands great new LP. The album was recorded at The Tank in Black Diamond, WA with a true DIY ethic at work, with band recording, mixing, and self releasing the record. Memory Matches consists of 10 songs in 24 minutes for a concise and staggering pop record. On What Curse? Cox sings, "as Chicago knows and Boston did, Seattle only hopes", with the excellence of Memory Matches it shouldn't be long before all 50 of our states our familiar with pop goodness of The Sea Navy.

The rumor mill:
In a recent interview with Ear Candy Jay mentions that he's has eight new songs written and there's a possibility of an east coast tour next spring. Here's hoping that comes to fruition, if so we'll be front, center, and accounted for.

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