Thursday, December 31, 2009

Closing Out The Decade:
Robert Pollard - From A Compound Eye (2006)

I wrested with the idea of coming up with a list for the AGP's favorite releases of the last 10 years. After some serious back and forth, I made the decision that the last thing we need is another list. Instead we will feature some of the albums that have made a lasting impact on us. These are the albums that we told our friends to buy, annoyed our spouses with, and ultimately inspired us to launch this blog.

From now until the end of December The AGP will feature our favorite albums of the decade. Each week we will feature posts highlighting our favorite albums of the 00's. We will even have a few contributions from the AGP's extended family. We invite your comments, we want to know why you agree with us or perhaps why you think we're off our collective rockers.

We hope you'll join us as we take a look back at the albums that shaped the past 3,653 days our lives.
On January 24, 2006 Robert Pollard released From A Compound Eye, his first with then new label and indie powerhouse Merge Records. Sure Bob had released solo albums throughout his career fronting Guided By Voices, but From A Compound Eye was the first album he released since dissolving the band he fronted for over 20 years in 2004. Gone were the expectations of the next GBV album, he was now able to record what,when, and with whomever he wanted.

From A Compound Eye is the double album that he had been threatening us with for several years. The 26 tracks found on the album are a mix of new compositions and a handful of unreleased tracks. Pollard described the album as "Massive...epic..It's all over the place and sees in all directions at once." That's a pretty fair description, the album has it all. From the GBVesque guitar pop of I'm A Widow to the skewed folk of Fresh Threats,Salad Shooters,and Zip Guns to the prog-rock of Conquerer of The Moon, to the noisy sound collage of Kensington Cradle. From A Compound Eye features a revitalized Robert Pollard delivering a monumental rock record.

From A Compound Eye still sounds as fresh, experimental, and fascinating as it did when it was released. It's no accident that I waited till New Year's Eve to feature it. It's hard for me to write about Bob and contain my total fandom of everything Pollard, So I'll try to temper my enthusiasm. From A Compound Eye is Robert Pollard exhibiting his tremendous gift for song craft, experimentalism, and the almighty pop hook. A flawless record that rivals Pollard's best work and an absolute joy to listen to.

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