Friday, June 4, 2010

Review::The Futureheads : The Chaos

In 2004 I was completely bowled over by the debut record from Sunderland, England's The Futureheads. That sparkling debut, a record I still listen to on a regular basis, is filled with a near perfect batch of new wave post-punk anthems. The bands subsequent albums have been met with an unfair reception from fans and critics alike that seem to be waiting for the band to duplicate or repeat what they accomplished on their self titled debut or maybe their waiting for another Kate Bush cover, it's not gonna happen. As far as I can tell the band has yet to release a sub par record. Instead of going back to familiar ground the band chose to widen their sonic palate and push their sound forward on album number two, News and Tributes and again on 2008's This Is Not The World. With their just released fourth album, The Chaos on Dovecote Records in the U.S. and on the bands own Nul imprint in their native UK, The Futureheads have delivered their most sonically adventurous recording as well as their finest since releasing the much lauded debut.

Unlike the bands previous work, The Chaos took a little bit longer to reveal it's many charms. However after my 3rd listen I was completely sold and ready for another go. The album perfectly marries the bands four part harmonies, swarming guitars, and their odd and immediate pop hooks. From the opening chords of the title track, to the should be smash hit Heartbeat Song, to the a Capella heavy Jupiter The Chaos is relentless and unwavering.The album's filled with menacing pop songs and it's never more obvious than on Sun Goes Down, an infectious romp that serves as the albums most accessible and addictive tracks.

The Futureheads have released a stunning and exhilarating rock record comprised of charging and concise pop thrills. Just don't call it a return to form, The Chaos is the LP TheFutureheads have been hinting at over the past two records. While the masses waited for them revisit the sounds of their debut the band has upped the anti and ripped us all a new one with The Chaos.

[MP3/Stream] The Futureheads - Struck Dumb

The Futureheads will play The Paradise on Monday June 7th withThe Like and Static Jacks.

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