Friday, June 25, 2010

This Weeks Short Bursts:
Cloud Nothings, Black Helicopter, & Harlem

Cleveland, OH's Cloud Nothings were in town this week to support Wavves at Great Scott and if you follow us on twitter you probably already know that my ADD was in overdrive this week when I missed this show after grabbing tickets and somehow forgetting about it. Hopefully we'll get another chance to catch Dylan Baldi in the near future. Baldi's Cloud Nothings just released the new 7" Didn't You b/w Even If it Worked Out via Old Flame Records. Noise pop with an emphasis on the pop and another slab of lo-fi perfection from the young Mr. Baldi.

[MP3/Stream] Cloud Nothings - Didn't You (via Stereogum)

Cloud Nothings debut LP, Turning On can be had at Speakertree Records (Vinyl) & Bridgetown Records (CD).

One of Boston's best and in my opinion criminally under appreciated bands, Black Helicopter will play P.A.'s Lounge on Saturday. The band quietly released there 3rd LP , Don't Fuck With Apocalypse back in May, once again via Thurston Moore's Ecstatic Peace label. Armed with tracks off the superb new record as well as some older gems too, Black Helicopter bring their covert operations to Somerville with support from Velvet Elvis, The IOA, and Lord Jeff.

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Buy the new album at Ecstatic Peace

Black Helicopter/MySpace

Austin, TX's Harlem are responsible for one of our favorite albums of the past few months. Hippies (Matador) is a gritty garage rock record that keeps finding it's way back onto the turntable, probably because it's damn good. The band will return to town to support Jack White's Dead Weather on July 14th at The House of Blues. Harlem have just issued a new video for the track Someday Soon. The video was directed The Focus Creeps, Ben Chapel and Aaron Brown respectively.

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