Thursday, July 8, 2010

Medications Become Completely Removed

Sometimes the time gets away from us, the stacks of new music on our desk and in our inbox get ignored, and before we know it a couple months pass by and we still haven't gotten around to listening to that album that we made to sure to order last spring.

The Most recent example of this is when over the Fourth of July weekend, I finally unwrapped Completely Removed, the third and most recent release from Washington, D.C.'s Medications. The duo of Devin Ocampo (Smart Went Crazy/Faraquet) and Chad Molter (Farquet) formed Medications in 2003 and released an EP and one long player on Dischord before shelving the band for nearly five years.

For Completely Removed Ocampo and Molter return in fine form. The duo wrote and performed nearly all the albums tracks with help from their long time friend and new Medications member Mark Cisneros. The band has recently been rounded out by drummer Jesse Fox.

The newish release,issued by Dischord back on April 20th takes things in a slightly different direction than the bands earlier work. Medications still has their sonic edge intact, however due to the album being recorded over 7 months at Treehouse studio by Devin Ocampos, it's allowed the band to focus on the arrangements and overall production of the album. It also finds Medication discovering some exciting new terrain.

Note: The next time Medications release a new album, listen to it immediately.

Medications are about to play a series of east coast shows that will bring them to O'Breins in Allston on July 24th with Big Big Bucks and Deleted Scenes.

[MP3/Stream] Medications- Long Day

Order completely Removed from Dischord Records

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