Thursday, August 19, 2010

Introducing:: The Martha's Vineyard Ferries

The pedigree of it's members alone was more than enough to capture our attention, however if the track that their label has posted to bandcamp is any indications this new trio is much more than a kick ass resume. The Martha's Vineyard Ferries is a new band that features Bob Weston (Shellac), Chris Brokaw (Come), and Elisha Weisner of Massachusetts based, Kahoots.The three friends got together at Bob Weston's house in Chicago in 2009 to record tracks for the bands forthcoming 4 song EP, In the Pond and a short time later a fake band was born.

Elisha Weisner explains how the band came together and what the future may hold for The Martha's Vineyard Ferries:
"the band started as a fake joke band name bob and I were using with some vague intention of maybe playing some music. we asked Chris to be the drummer in the fake band. A while after that we decided to actually do it, sent demos back and forth and got together at bobs house in Chicago for a couple days of recording and eating hot dogs. Basically it's just 3 friends playing punk rock. all of us have larger musical commitments outside of the ferries but, for me at least, it was fun to just kind of come up with a silly idea see it turn into something really cool. I am certainly looking forward to playing some shows and future recording. It's fun to be in a band with no pressure, no expectations and no real time frame.”

Thanks to the good kids at Clicky Clicky we are now well informed that The Martha's Vineyard Ferries play their first area dates on August 24th at The Dive in Oak Bluffs on the island for which the band is aptly named (sort of) and at TT The Bears on the 25th. Both shows are with the superb Denton, TX band Tre Orsi.

In The Pond will be issued on September 21st by Sick Room Records on CD and limited edition 12" vinyl. However I am told by the bands label that they will have some copies for sale at the upcoming shows.

Get Them Young is the first track offered from the In The Pond EP. We recommend you listen to it repeatedly until your head hurts or your laptop speakers say uncle.

<a href="">Get Them Young by Martha's Vineyard Ferries</a>

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