Monday, October 11, 2010

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Islet, Boston Spaceships,+ NYC UFO's
Cardiff's rising pop experimentalists, Islet have released their new mini album, Whimmy  via Turnstile Music . Whimmy is the bands 2nd mini album this year and the follow up to Celebrate This Place released a mere four months ago. Whimmy is available on 12" vinyl as well as digital formats. Although we searched iTunes and came up empty, however we are hopeful that will change soon. A little noise was made over the summer that the band had no on-line presence, however the band has since launched a site, where they have offered up one of  the new albums best track for free download, behold the awesome, Ringerz!

[MP3/Stream] Islet - Ringerz

Order Wimmy from Rough Trade Shops

Fresh off melting faces in Vegas and leading GBV circa 96' on a reunion tour thoughout the U.S. Robert Pollard has delivered a video for Freedom Rings off  his current bands (one of many) Boston Spaceships' Our Cubehouse Still Rocks LP.This ace clip was directed by William Landers. If you still haven't gotten around to listening to the latest offering from Uncle Bob, we recommend you do so, immediately.

Ever since hearing North Hamptons NYC UFO's on WMBR's Pipeline program  a couple of weeks ago we've been completely obsessed with these guys. Admitedly we don't know a ton about them, but we're willing to learn! The Western, MA four piece specialiizes in fuzzed drenched guitar pop, which of course, is right in our wheel house. NYC UFO's have posted their debut album, Newer Stations at their Band Camp page for free download,  almost criminal. Go get it.

<a href="">There Goes My Ego by NYC UFOs</a>

Newer Stations Free Download

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