Thursday, December 30, 2010

Short Bursts :: The Flaming Lips

As we were preparing to write up our last post of the year, we realized that we hardly ever write about this band although we count them as one of our favorite acts. Oklahoma City's psychedelic acid/art pop legends, The Flaming Lips have committed to a busy 2011, the band will record and release a new song each and every month of 2011 as opposed to the traditional, work on 10 or 11 songs for a year or two. It's still unclear how these new tracks will be released or weather they will compile them for a proper release at some point. The Lips will also be sharing videos that capture the bands recording process. For now they have chosen to stay clear of a conventional follow up to last years Embryonic, in favor an ambitious recording experiment that will put music in the ears of their fans on a regular basis throughout the next year.

Wayne Coyne, Steven Drodz, and Michael Ivins will put their collective stamp on 2010, when The Lips play their fourth annual New Years Eve Freakout in Oklahoma City, where they'll perform The Soft Bulletin in it's entirety, sometime after midnight. The entire performance will be streamed live on iclips. We're looking forward to our NYE party guests reactions when they see what we can only guess will be a beautiful freak show. The way we look at it ,we'll have a house full of Flaming Lips converts by the time to 2011 hits or we'll have some extra couch space,either way come on over. Happy New Year!

Watch The Flaming Lips New Year's Eve Freakout Live at 10 PM

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