Wednesday, March 16, 2011

We Were There :: Telekinesis|The Love Language| & Slowdim @ T.T. The Bears

There's something utterly unique about seeing bands play inside the confines of T.T.The Bears place in Central Square. Weather it's the history of the room, we once saw Paul Westerberg perform under the alias Thadeus Moonbeam to a packed house of 250 sweaty patrons in 93'. Or perhaps it's the fact that you can find the evenings performers hanging out at the bar pre and post show. Or is it the fact that we have yet to see a sub par performance at 10 Brookline street?

As you may have read on these pages last week we were eager to witness the first ever live performance from Slowdim. The Boston trio ran through their recently released Spirals EP and displayed their penchant for smart indie pop. The band began their set as duo with fronter Paul Sentz and bassist Karina Dacosta covering some the bands quieter material before drummer Ethan Cannon joined in for the remainder of the set which culminated with a jaw dropping version of Don't Cough me Out. An impressive jumping off point from one of our city's most promising new bands.

We were vaguely familiar with North Carolina's The Love Language going into this show, however what had heard we liked. Live the band jettisons the mid-fi sounds of their debut, in favor gothic twang and classic pop hooks. A performance that caused us to make a trip to the bands merch table for a copy of their Merge Records debut, Libraries. Something we should have done months ago, shame on us.

With his drum kit front and center Telekinesis mastermind Micheal Benjamin Lerner took to the stage flanked by Bassist Jason Narducy and guitarist Cody Votolato to put the cap on a Merge-centric evening. Drawing heavily from the excellent and just released, 12 Desperate Straight Lines LP, as well as selected tracks bands self titled debut. The band tore through a raucous and exhilarating set only slowing occasionally for Lerner to pick up a guitar as he did for I Saw Lightning and to assemble his buddies in The Love Language for a blistering cover of the GBV classic Game of Pricks. The evening was put to bed when Telekinesis returned to the stage one last time to play Coast of Carolina which prompted everyone in the room to raise a glass and sing along with Lerner's every word. A sweaty beer drenched Tuesday night never sounded better.

*photos taken with one of our crappy smart phones, due to the SLR being on the fritz.

Slowdim|The Love Language|Telekinesis


MelodyMatters said...

Nice write-up. I posted some videos from this show (2 from Slowdim and 1 from Telekinesis) on my YouTube account

Bryan Hamill - Executive Editor said...

I saw those. good work!
Thanks for read.

T said...

Check out this review of Telekinesis, Wye Oak and Callers in Vancouver: