Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ryan Walsh on The Digital Return of The Stairs

Today's a pretty special day for fans of Boston's sorely missed pop treasures,The Stairs.
You see on this fine Tuesday in April the bands two full lengths, 2003's Miraculous Happens and 2005's On Sleep Lab our available for the first time in digital formats exclusively through Bandcamp. To honor this occasion we had the pleasure of corresponding with Ryan Walsh, founding member of The Stairs and current fronter of the always fantastic Hallelujah the Hills to get some insight on the reissues as well as his thoughts on the legacy of The Stairs. Thanks to Ryan for helping put this together and for being so gracious with his time.

Bryan Hamill: Can you tell us how the digital reissues of The Stairs two full length came about?

Ryan Walsh: I had an idea of what these sounded like in my head after years of not listening to them. Then someone very close to me made me play them one night. I liked the sound of them so I wanted to bring them back for people to hear.

Bryan: Are there any plans for a reunion show or to record any new material with your former band mates?

Ryan: No. The last show we ever played was so beautiful and out of control and special. I don't ever want to tarnish that with a reunion show.

Bryan: Was this the first time that you've revisited Miraculous Happens and On Sleep Lab , if so what was your reaction to these songs ?

Ryan: Surprise! Surprised at the naivety and surprised at the quality of most of the songs. You have to understand the ratio between "knowing what we were doing" and "the scope and quality of what we had promised to the grant committee" was so wide you could sail a planet through it.*

* we were given $10,0000 to record a community pop album. Read more here.

Bryan: Will this be the final chapter of The Stairs or do you have a secret lost album locked away somewhere?

Ryan: The truth is there are LOTS of Stairs albums! We were recording all the time. The quality of songwriting and recording I cannot speak for but I do have piles and piles of actual crafted albums with titles, cover art, and full track listings. I imagine some of these songs will end up on the "rarities" CD I've promised our Kickstarter backers though. I'm hoping those songs are still there. I've read some terrifying things about the degradation of CD-R quality over the last couple of years.

Bryan: If there's one thing we should know about The Stairs, it's___________________

Ryan: we had no idea what we were doing, we loved music and hanging out with each other, and we were just delusional enough to make it all kinda work.

In addition to the digital reissues hard copies of both albums can be ordered by contacting Ryan at band@hallelujahthehills.com. We recommend that you order yours in either format immediately. For more information on both the physical CD's, digital reissues, and everything you need to know about The Stairs, visit Mostly Accidental the bands recently launched Tumblr site.

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