Friday, April 8, 2011

New Sounds Now :: Copy Haho

We are on the brink of what looks to be a superb weekend to get out and catch some live music in our fine city, at least on paper. I know, I know, over the last week we've all learned that sometimes things look better on paper than they actually are. Well trust us, this is not one of those cases. With Obits, Buffalo Tom, The Hush Now, The Rock and Roll Rumble Prelims, and WHRB's Record Hospital Fest all happening over the next couple of days. This might just make up for missing this years SXSW.

You're probably asking yourself what on gods green earth does any of this have to do with Copy Haho? And to that we humbly reply absolutely nothing, other than we wanted to remind you of the fantastic live music weekend that awaits you. Plus we've had too much coffee and now have a hankering to tell you about a new track from Scotland's indie pop phenoms. Dying Breed comes from the Copy Haho's self titled debut LP, which they recorded at Chemical Underground's Chem 19 studios with Jamie Savage (The Phantom Band). The album will be issued by the bands own, so new it doesn't have a web presence yet, Slow Learner Records on June 20th. Pre-orders and other inquires can be made via You can also visit the bands site and grab this track at the cost of your electronic whereabouts.

Dying Breed by copyhaho

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