Friday, May 20, 2011

Reviewed :: Gold-Bears - Are You Falling In Love?

Former Plastic Mastery fronter, Jeremy Underwood formed Gold-Bears in his home town of Atlanta last year as an outlet for the songs he had written in the wake of his former bands passing. Earlier this week Gold-Bears released their sparkling debut, Are You Falling In Love? on Slumberland Records. Some well deserved blog buzz is building and comparisons to The Pains of Being Pure at Heart are just, as are those to the urgent pop of The Wedding Present and the lesser know but no less essential Boyracer.

Are You Falling in Love? is a concise collection, 11 tracks clocking in just over 33 minutes without a single second wasted. The album opens with Record Store, an undeniable pop song drenched in fuzzy guitars and sweet melodies that seems to bounce around my head for hours. Elsewhere Jeremy Underwood exhibits a penchant for writing catchy as hell twee pop and then burying these songs under a sea of roaring guitars and thumping bass lines. The shoegaze standout and title track is encapsulated in ambient noise, pounding snare drums, and features one of the best opening lines I've heard in some time, "Fuck my life, I sent it a text last night". Because it's such a dynamic and varied offering, I find myself listening to Are You Falling In Love? multiple times in one sitting either due to it's brevity or maybe because it's catchy as hell and there's nothing I like more than a well executed pop song, let alone 11.

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