Friday, June 17, 2011

This Weeks Short Bursts :: The Wave Pictures + Are Ess

After 10 years and over 30 releases Wymeswold, England's confessional pop stalwarts, The Wave Pictures issued their first stateside release last year, with the double LP and completely essential, Instant Coffee Baby and If You Leave it Alone. With their new offering and superbly titled, Beer in The Breakers The Wave Pictures will once again be playing shows on U.S. soil later this year. Beer in The Breakers finds the trio staying true to their previous releases, while at the same time propelling their sound forward with sardonic tales of mundane British life and the lo-fi aesthetic they've crafted over the past decade. With recording assistance from Daren Hayman of Hefner, The Wave Pictures tracked the new album in a single day. Check the album's second single and the Ben Reed directed video for Blue Harbour below.

Order Beer in The Breakers at Moshi Moshi Records or finer digital outlets.
Live photo courtesy of Celina Bordino.


The Wave Pictures - Blue Harbour

Our latest local discovery and current listening obsession is Cambridge based Are Ess. The brainchild of Robert Sergel, Are Ess have recently issued their self titled debut EP, which you can download for free via the Are Ess Bandcamp page. The seven song EP was written and recorded by Sergel at Bug Hill? After a google search came up empty we're guessing Bug Hill is of the home studio variety. Either way the Are Ess EP is a literal hook fest of fuzzy pop and shoegaze prowess and so completely deserving of your attention.

Robert Sergel is also responsible for the Eschew comic series.


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