Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Forthcoming :: The Bats - Free All The Monsters

On October 25th New Zealand's Kiwi Pop luminaries, The Bats will return with their 8th full length, Free All The Monsters on the seminal Flying Nun Records. The new set comes on the heels of Robert Scott's impressive 2010 solo offering Ends Run Together. The new LP was tracked at a former asylum just outside Dunedin with Dale Cotton (The Clean) and consists of 12 new compositions, which stay mostly true to their signature melancholic jangle and swirling guitar play.

In a recent press release for Free All The Monsters Flying Nuns label head Roger Shepherd talks about The Bats return to Flying Nun “It’s great to be working with The Bats again. The relationship goes right back to the early 1980s and the band are very much a key strand in the labels development and history. With the band in such great form it feels very much like having an important limb successfully sewn back on.”

As if that wasn't enough, Flying Nun will also be reissuing The Bats 1987 debut, Daddy's Highway on vinyl on October 25th as well.

The band have issued the album title track via Bandcamp and we've posted it for your convenience below. We can't hear this one enough, it's delicate and sophisticated gem.

Free All The Monsters
1. Long Halls
2. Simpletons
3. Free All The Monsters
4. See Right Through Me
5. It's Not The Same
6. In The Subway
7. Fingers of Dawn
8. Spacejunk
9. On The Bank
10. Canopy
11. When The Day Comes
12. Getting Over You

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