Friday, September 9, 2011

This Weeks Short Bursts :: Circus Devils, Twerps, + Hallelujah The Hills

Just when we've finally got our heads wrapped around Let It Beard, the sprawling opus from Boston Spaceships, released last month and reviewed by us here. Robert Pollard is ready to let another batch of songs loose. On October 25th Pollard returns with his creep pop trio, Circus Devils and the 19 track Capsized! Once again the album was recorded with brothers Tim (music) and Todd Tobias (instrumentation, noises, and production) somewhere between Dayton and Waterloo Sound in Kent, OH.

From the Capsized! press release:
Circus Devils hits the high seas with CAPSIZED! (The exclamation point is part of the title). Once again the Ohio trio featuring Robert Pollard defies and transcends musical genres with a strangely coherent blend of soft rock, aggressive stompers, creepy soundscapes and a radio-friendly pop single (Cyclopean Runways). CAPSIZED! Is cinema for the ears, taking the listener on a dark adventure with strange cargo, sirens, shipboard ghosts and bad soup.

Capsized! will be issued by Happy Jack Rock Records on October 25th, but there doesn't seem to be any pre-order info available at the usual Pollard web haunts. We assume that pre-orders will be up shortly at The Factory of Raw Essentials, in the meantime you can order the album from Insound and Midheaven. But until then you can bask in the direct pop glory of Cyclopean Runways from Capsized!

Circus Devils - Cyclopean Runways by ashgrayproclamation

Melbourne's rising jangle pop phenoms Twerps will issue their self titled debut long player on October 18th via NJ's Underwater Peoples and Australia's Chapter Music. For the uninitiated, Twerps specialize in warm, infectious pop songs, crystalline guitar lines, with intelligent lyrics. The band brings to be mind Galaxie 500, The Feelies as well New Zealand's 80's Flying Nun roster but manages to bring new life and something completely unique to those influences. Over the course of a couple 7" and a limited run cassette release Twerps have committed their charming songs to hissy 4-track tape, but the new album finds the band cleaning up their sound a bit and recording in a professional studio with engineer Jack Farley (Beaches). Check out Dreamin from their soon to be released debut. In addition, all of the bands previous releases can be heard and streamed at their Bandcamp page, so dig in.

Twerps: "Dreamin"

We finally have some news to report on the Kickstarter funded third release from Hallelujah The Hills. In a post that recently appeared on the bands official web home HTH fronter, Ryan Walsh gives what we would call a status update on the album. The songs have been recorded, the artwork has been created, the title has been bestowed, and now it's time to get the tracks mixed. Understandably this information doesn't offer a lot in the way of new material, however Hallelujah The Hills recently recorded a session for locals Sleepover Shows where they offered stripped down version of two new tracks, Hungry Ghost Extraordinaire and Call Off Your Horses. If after hearing those you need more, we recommend that head over to the Hallelujah The Hills and The Stairs Bandcamp Pages and grab the digital reissues of The Stairs catalog, Wash's bedroom pop project, The Motel Candlewasters, and lets not forget last springs outing of the HTH track Every Number Has A Potency. Those should hold us over until we get our mits on album #3.

[Video] Hungry Ghost Extraordinaire
[Video] Call Of Your Horses

Hallelujah The Hills play Great Scott on Wednesday September 28th with Earthquake Party! and The Fagettes

Hallelujah The Hills Bandcamp|The Stairs Bandcamp| HTH Official

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