Thursday, October 20, 2011

Reviewed :: The Hush Now - Memos

Last month Boston's guitar pop stalwarts, The Hush Now released their 3rd and to our ears best LP, Memos. We had the chance to discuss the recording of the new album, among other topics during an interview we conducted with THN fronter, Noel Kelly which you can read here. The band is about to finish up a 17 date U.S. tour that will bring them home this Saturday for a show at Precinct Bar in Somerville.

Memos was recorded in Allston at Mad Oak Studios with Benny Grotto over an eight day period and contains the bands sharpest and most varied collection of songs to date, equally due to the intricate instrumentation featured throughout the LP, as well as impressive vocal contributions from Barry Marino on the albums closing track, Things Fall Down , Adam Quane on Cameraphone, and fronter Noel Kelly handling the remaining 8 tracks. The album opens with Arkansas, a sparkling piano driven pop song, with plenty of guitar grit and soaring vocals provided by Kelly, that propel the track to the moon and back. We didn't see the curve ball of the set coming, until The Glow, a synth laden romp had us rolling our windows down and rattling our cheap car speakers on a recent fall afternoon. That track would not have been out of place on The Cure's, Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me and finds the band exhibiting a bit more confidence than before and dare I say a little swagger. Elsewhere the band turns in impeccable performances on some of the albums more subtler but rewarding moments, particularly on the albums, heartbreaking title track.

Memos is a brilliantly crafted pop record, that reveals it's many charms on repeated listens. Throughout the album The Hush Now add some new dynamics to their sound, explore new sonic textures, and retain their strength for creating memorable and engaging guitar driven pop anthems.

We are proud to be presenting along with our friends at Clicky Clicky Music, The Hush Now's Homecoming show with Soccer Mom, Chandeliers, The North American Premiere of Johnny Foreigner vs. Everything and Cooling Towers @ Precinct this Saturday October 22nd. Check out the Facebook event page .

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