Monday, December 5, 2011

Support :: The Blue Dress /Flightless Birds Tour Fund

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Ash Gray Proclamation favorites and Cape Cod's psych pop phenoms, The Blue Dress are teaming up with their good friends, Flightless Birds for a tour this summer. I realize that we've just begun the month of December, not mention the rabid consumerism season that is the Holiday's. However touring requires a good amount of planing, not to mention a considerable amount of funding, this is where the fans can lend some assistance. The Blue Dress have set up a Kickstarter fund where you can contribute and assist the band achieve their modest goal of raising $600 by January 29th. Plus they'll hook you up with some cool merch as a way of thanking you for your donation, which includes a copy of a forthcoming split tour EP with Flightless Birds. You can make a donation via The Blue Dress/Flightless Birds Summer Tour Fund. Also, if you haven't done so already, we recommend picking up The Blue Dress' recently released cassette/digital EP, These Happy Golden Years, which we reviewed last month and can be found here.

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