Tuesday, January 24, 2012

This Weeks Short Bursts :: Superchunk, Chandeliers, & Spook Houses

Any day is good day that brings us a never before heard track from N.C.'s legendary, Slack Mother Fuckers, Superchunk. This is the original version of Blinders, a track that showed up last year in a slighly rougher form, on the Crossed Wires single. As explained on Soundcloud earlier today the band thought the "slow version" sounded a bit like GBV, they ended up re-recording the track and issuing a sped up version for the single. But to our ears this is a creamy pop song and deciding which version we like better would be like picking our favorite ingredient of a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup. So we're content to enjoy both, repeatedly.

Superchunk - Blinders (Slow Vers) by MergeRecords

Allston's utmost purveyors of intricate post punk, Chandeliers have just unleashed a new track, Age Sex Location to the interweb, which you can download for free from their recently launched Bandcamp page. The track is taken from the trio's recent recording sessions for their forthcoming LP and has been part of the bands arresting live sets in recent months. Based on several listens in the last 24 hours to this "rough mix", this track has put the Chandeliers upcoming full length on a short list of records we can"t wait to hear in 2012.

Chandeliers will play this Saturday at The Box Fort in Allston, with Young Adults, BDRM Eyes, and The Living City.

It seems that every January, we inevitably discover a release that we completely slept on during the previous 12 months. This year our belated attention sits firmly with Ridgewood, NJ lo-fi quartet, Spook Houses. The band issued their debut, The Home EP 7" last spring and the EP features 4 earnest and intelligent pop songs. We've learned that Spook Houses are working on their full length debut, to be released on Evil Weevil Records later this year. We've embedded the entire EP below, it starts off with the title track, that features a striking deadpan vocal performance, the likes of which we haven't heard since Mr. Berman put Silver Jews on the shelf.

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