Monday, February 13, 2012

Reviewed :: Butterknife - Do The Needful

Late last month Massachusetts' rising power pop phenoms, Butterknife released Do The Needful. The album was recorded by Jim Theodore at Fido and was mastered by TW Walsh (The Soft Drugs) The new EP, features 5 superbly crafted pop songs filled with massive hooks and strong melodies. The EP kicks off with $100, arguably the sets finest track, certainly the most infectious. Aided by a throbbing base line, slashing chords, and an inventive stab at the songs about girls genre. Elsewhere June 4, which serves as the EP's centerpiece, struck us right between the eyes and our love of 90's guitar pop bands, an excellent piece of songwriting filled with subtleties and intelligent lyrics. Restless has it all ,in terms of razor sharp guitar pop songs, simply the kind of song that you must hear repeatedly at high volume. Do The Needful follows Butterknife's 2010 full length debut, onetworeadygo and finds the band forging ahead and delivering an EP of smart and engaing pop songs that you should probably tell your friends about.

Butterknife have decided to offer Do The Needful as free download via their Bandcamp and we've embedded the entire EP below, because you need this.

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