Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Introducing :: Alarm Bells

Just a year has passed since Glasgow Fight Pop concern, Dananaanaakroyd called it a day and just like they're back, well sort of. Earlier this week on the defunct band's facebook page they announced that a new project featuring the bulk of the Danaananaakroyd line up, Alarm Bells was issuing Part One, a limited edition 12" LP. Alarm Bells features  including, John Ballie Jnr (vocals), David Roy (guitar), and Ryan McGinness (bass). Part One features the epic 13 minute Whitemare and the bands impressive debut single Cocoons be sure to check the accompanying creeped out animated video which you can see here.

You can order the debut release from Alarm Bells, part One at their Bandcamp page. All proceeds will go to funding the bands next release, Part Two.

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