Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Currently Obsessed:: Connections

Since 1992 Rockathon Records has been the outlet for countless Guided By Voices and Robert Pollard related releases, with the exception of Columbus, OH's 84 Nash who released two LP's of excellent lo-fi pop with Rockathon, The King Of Yeah and 1999's Band For Hire. 84 Nash suffered the same fate that many unappreciated and overlooked acts suffer and disbanded after those releases. However last year founding members Kevin Elliott and Andy Hampel returned as Connections and released their debut full length, Private Airplane. The band  also features Kevin's brother, Adam Elliott of Times New Viking, bassist Phillip Kim and Dave Capaldi  of OH's art punk outfit El Jesus de Magico. Connections recently issued the Tough City EP witch essential picks up where there debut left off with 4 tracks of concise and catchy as all hell fuzzed covered pop songs that would have bowled us over in 1993 and have us completely hooked in 2013. Were currently obsessed with Alternative Nation from the aforementioned Tough City EP, it's ode of sorts to the 90's, not to mention a nod to our beloved Lemonheads and their big hit single.  Connections have just finishing mixing and mastering their 2nd LP, Body Language which according to their tumblr page will be out shortly.

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