Friday, October 11, 2013

An Introduction: Worms

Last spring Amherst's rising sludge punk trio, Worms issued their self tiled debut full length digitally via the DIY collective Dark World and recently on vinyl thorough Last Watt Records and to say we've been a bit slack jawed ever since, is a total understatement. Worms play loud, fuzz covered, hardcore leaning punk with sizable pop hooks. Consisting of guitarist/vocalist Chris Wardlaw as well as brothers Lucus (bass) and Dana Kendall (drums) Worms existed for a few years as Whirl, at least until they we're forced to change their name after another artist legally known as Whirl issued a cease and desist order. The band answered this legal entanglement by issuing a striking punk recording that could only come from Western, MA. It's no surprise these guys formed at the same High School that can lay claim to Deep Wound and Dinosaur Jr. The Pioneer Valley is already having a banner year, what with handful of records guaranteed to show up on many year end lists, but perhaps none more affecting or punishing as the one Worms have issued. Hardcore pop is that a thing? If so, I'm in.  Worms new set hearkens backs to the genre's heyday, while delivering something wholly unique, complete with strained vocals, charging guitars, driving rhythms and intelligent  song writing, that you'd swear was captured in a metal container, but in this case recorded in a proper studio on Cape Cod. Worms, Worms, Worms!

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