Monday, July 31, 2006

A very nice weekend indeed!

Due to the fact that my job keeps me on the road most of the time it's nice just to stay put and hang out with the family.

On Saturday my sons had a birthday party to attend so I ended up taking care of a few things around the house and watching the baseball game. It sounds kind of boring but it was nice. When Mrs. Speakers got back from the party with the little ones we decided to order up some take-out and skip the mess and headache of cooking.

We took the boys to MOM on Sunday. For those not from the Boston area MOM stands for Motion Odessey Movie that a large furniture chain has been operation for many years. For some reason or another I never thought of checking out until that is I had children. The feature was a short Spongebob Movie. It's part ride and part 3-D movie. The boys went bonkers it was a blast.

That was quick, weekends are never long enough....back to work...urgh

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