Thursday, August 3, 2006

I am a procrastinator!
For the last couple of weeks I've noticed that the vehicle I drive on a daily basis has been having issues with the air conditioner and temperture control. Sometimes I'll drive this so called vehicle for days at a time with no issue and other times the temperture rockets up to the hottest point on the gauge and the A/C does not work. Ok so a normal person would have had this looked at and subsequently repaired before this heatwave that is burning up the east coast hit. Not me you see I am the anti-mechanic and an idiot. It's quite a combination.

I am an outside sales rep for a Telecommunications company in the New Engalnd area and my job in a nutshell is to acquire new customers. So I am on the road constantly and in suit in tie as required by my employer. When you add my current car issues to the mix it's not pretty. Would you like to spend an hour with me after I've been driving around in a hot car for the last hour? I think not.

Where was I headed with this? Oh yeah I hate mechanics or something like that. Other than being a procrastinator I also have no faith in what most mechanics tell us customers to be the truth. I mean how do we know that the repairs we are charged for were actually performed or needed to be performed in the first place. It's not fair to blame a whole profession but I've had my share of bad experiences with mechanics and would rather not go through another.
Wow that took a long time to come up with an excuse for me being lazy!
Bottom line,I should have had the car fixed weeks ago and have arranged to drop it off tomorrow to be repaired just in time for a break in the hot weather.

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