Monday, October 23, 2006

Smashed pumpkins

Why is this looked at by the little bastards who live in my neighborhood as fun or even necessary? Don't get me wrong I was no angel I've thrown and egg of two in my youth, but its October 23rd and this is the 3rd time In a week that I've seen pumpkins smashed all over my street.

I realize I seem like the cranky old guy and that's ok. Most of the people in my neighborhood are families with young children and as a rule children love Halloween and they love pumpkins. We have a couple of small pumpkins that my wife has placed inside our home, however we always put pumpkins out on our doorstep to dress up our front door for trick or treaters. Where was I headed with this post? Nowhere really just to say that I may need some help with my idea. I'm thinking of boobytraping my pumpkins with some kind of sticky substance or electricity. Do not mess with the Evil Speakers and his children's pumpkins.

(Disclaimer: I will not use electricity or anything that may cause injury. Just let the pumpkins be.)

1 comment:

March to the Sea said...

i hate punks..wrecking stuff like that...bastards.